The dromedaries and the water buffalos

One male and three female dromedaries (or one-humped camels) and four water buffalos were signed over to our care after being confiscated from their owner who was keeping and trading them illegally. One of the female dromedaries is white, which is quite unusual, and the other two are brown. They were all considerably underweight on their arrival here, with their bones clearly visible beneath the skin.

The buffalos were in much the same condition. After several months at our sanctuary they had all put on weight and were in peak condition apart from one dromedary who took a little longer before being able to walk without limping. The buffalos gave birth first to one, then two calves. Although we would usually prefer our animals not to reproduce, it is sometimes a real pleasure to see the healthy offspring of animals that had initially arrived here in very poor condition indeed.
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