Baringo the lion cub

From Ouest France, a local newspaper, on Saturday, 21 August 2004.


A lion cub was found on Thursday evening at Commer. After spending the night with the man who found it, the cub that belongs to the Cirque de Paris was taken to the Refuge de l’Arche at Château Gontier.
At 9 p.m. on Thursday evening, Didier Dalibard was on the way home to his house in Commer when he noticed an animal at the side of the road. “I thought it was a dog, or maybe a fox. My wife was driving so I asked her to turn round and go back, and then I realised it was a small lion cub!” Didier took the lion cub under his wing. “I took it home and put it in a small box with some straw and some milk.” Then he contacted the gendarmeries in Laval and Mayenne “who thought it was a hoax at first”, before phoning the mayor of the commune and a vet the following morning. The local rural police officer, Thierry Grison, had also been informed and he decided to take the cub to the Refuge de l’Arche at Chateau-Gontier.
The poor cub had apparently fallen out of one of the Cirque de Paris’ lorries while they were performing in the Mayenne last weekend, before leaving for the Sarthe and Orne departments. According to the director of the sanctuary, Christian Huchedé, the lion cub is very weak and has difficulty feeding. The Cirque de Paris is being prosecuted for allowing wild animals to roam freely.

After growing up alone in an enclosure near the other lions at the sanctuary, he came to join them on May 16, 2008 and they now live peacefully together.

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